How fast and easy it is to learn how to swim. Practice gre tests swim.

Learning to swim is quick and easy, unless your dream is to become an Olympic champion. In this case, swimming is hard work. But learn to swim for yourself, to gain strength and be physically fit for everyone. Beach version, when the swimmer does not lower his head in the water and strain the neck does not count, from such swimming alone harm.

You will feel the benefit only with the correct swimming technique. With its help you:

How fast and easy it is to learn how to swim

strengthen your nervous and cardiovascular system;
pull out the spinal column (the best remedy for osteochondrosis);
lose the extra pounds.
Swimming is a gentle form of exercise that does not injure tendons and joints, as opposed to exercises with kettlebells and bars. Scientists have proven that swimming pool training prevents the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Prep for gre swimming

I’ll tell you a secret. From the experience of teaching at the professional swimming school F3, I noticed that the main reason why people do not go to the pool is laziness. Me and other coaches understand that an adult may not have time to come to the training. And with the years of health, there’s less and more disease. But it starts with laziness.

In 10 years of teaching, we have learned to convey the essence of our students. Nothing unnecessary that would distract and clog your head – there’s just no time for that. And a special method that uses several types of memory helps in this:

In other words, it is easier for one student to perform the technique himself in order to remember and consolidate the skill, and it is enough for another student to see once and form a visual image “how to do”. Therefore, our technique “hits” all three types of memory at once: visual, muscular and auditory. That’s how you can learn faster.

And you know what? The technique works well. Among those who quickly made their way from beginner to athlete, there were many busy people, as well as elderly people. It was not only the flexible morning and evening training schedule that helped them learn how to swim. Training in the air and in the water, dosed load, which is formed by the coach based on the age and health of the apprentice, as well as sensitive attitude to each swimmer helped. But this is not the main thing either. The main secret of success lies in the fact that with each workout you feel better: more confident, younger and healthier. It charges and motivates you better than any “must”.

The coach’s task is to teach, and yours is to get involved in the work and achieve success.

Visual memory.

At the beginning of the training, we give the student a video course of exercises in water. All movements on the training materials are made by professionals (experience of teaching all our coaches starts from 5 years, and titles – not lower than KMS in swimming). The emphasis is on the small details and nuances of each style. All movements are honed to automatism – nothing superfluous, only the essence.

And when a student comes to class, in his head he has already developed a ready image of the movements that he will have to repeat. They’ve signed up for brain correction during the viewing. It’s a great help in learning and makes it very easy for us to learn how to swim fast. Prep for gre.

Muscle memory.

Visual memory is on, now we’re plugging in the muscle. We are once again providing you with a video course in which we analyse the exercises on land in detail, down to the last detail. You will work them out in the water with your coach, and before that on your own on shore.

Working out exercises on land is 50% success, and for a beginner it is 90%.

The fact that the water slows down your movements, you feel like an astronaut in weightlessness. For a man unprepared to move in water is problematic. Not only do you have to coordinate your movements, you also have to fight against water resistance, which slows down your training and prevents you from focusing on the right technique.

When all the movements are worked out in advance, repeat them in the water will be much faster: 2, 3 times. And that’s what we want: to learn how to swim as soon as possible. The course of special exercises on land you will receive from us at the beginning of training as a bonus (homework).

Classes with the coach

Okay, time to get started on the pool practice. The plus of our technique is that you don’t start from scratch, but you already come prepared: you know your mistakes and weaknesses.

On training in the water, we will learn to breathe properly and lie on the water. We will practice the same exercises that you did on land, as well as eliminate inaccuracies in the movements and teach you not to be afraid of water. You won’t notice how each exercise from simple to complex will add up by the end of the 8th exercise in a puzzle called “swimming with a crawl on your chest”. The coach will be with you all the time, mentoring and supporting. He will always provide you with guidance, which will use your auditory memory. This will help you consolidate your skills and soon reach the level of a confident catcher.

Video shoot

Let’s accelerate progress. To do this, at the end of each workout the coach will record your swimming technique on video. This will help the brain to compare the two pictures. The first one, the one you saw on the training video and the second one we recorded with you in the training. You’ll see yourself from the outside. This is how the human brain works: it works like a computer, analyzing data, comparing the two images and correcting the technique. You’ll notice the progress already at the next training because it really works. Practice gre tests.

The control swim.

Let’s consolidate progress. Let’s swim 10, 30 or 60 minutes in the control swim. It’s a kind of outcome for both the student and the coach.

The student’s goals in the control swim:

How fast and easy it is to learn how to swim

to consolidate the skills acquired in the initial training;
to focus on technique, not speed;
to learn how to distribute speed correctly on a course;
to successfully reach a new level of training.
And for a trainer, a control heat is an opportunity to take a look at the result of the work done: to find out which elements need to be thoroughly worked out and which have been well assimilated, and which are still to be worked on.

Even if you are sure that you can swim well, and you don’t need a coach, come to our classes. There are gaps in any technique that can be filled quickly to swim even faster and less tired. In addition, here in the pool you will feel the atmosphere of like-minded people, which charges with energy, vigor and inspiration to surpass yourself. Feedback from students can be found on our YouTube channel, where, among other things, free swimming lessons are available.

Understand that our task is not just to teach swimming, but to love this business. After all, swimming is primarily about taking care of your own body and health. Swimming is the most gentle sport that is ideal for all ages, from children to the elderly. When you swim, you saturate your blood with oxygen and the body rejuvenates. It can be said that after each workout in the pool you get younger. And besides, swimming is a trim figure, a slim body and self-confidence.