Note to parents: How to teach a child in 1st grade to read. Is gre hard, but is necessary

A child has to learn to read before he goes to first grade. After all, a reading pupil has much less difficulty in learning in general. Information on how to teach your child to read fluently can be found in this article.

Reading technique
At age 7, the child is going to school for the first time. In primary school, special attention is paid to checking reading techniques during reading lessons. The pupil should read at least 30 words per minute expressively and without mistakes, correctly accentuate, understand the text being read and retell it.

Note to parents: How to teach a child in 1st grade to read

Reasons for slow reading speed
Weak RAM, when a child after 3-4 words forgets what he has read and therefore can not catch the essence of the sentence.
Weak concentration and no assiduity.
Little practice. Everything here is simple: we read more – we read better.
Low volume of operational field of vision. It can be expanded with the help of tables Shulte (read below).
Lack of interest in reading.
Many parents are faced with the question of how to teach their child to love books – and do not find an unequivocal answer. Take a look at your child. Who better than Mom and Dad can determine what will actually awaken the child’s craving for knowledge and literature?

Limited vocabulary. You should not work with your child when the problems begin, but much earlier – from an early age. Communicate with your child on all kinds of topics, patiently answer all his questions, talk enthusiastically, gradually adding to the vocabulary of the baby more and more new words.
The presence of regression, when little eyes are constantly anxious to return to the word already read.
Underdevelopment of the articulation apparatus, bad diction. The correct pronunciation of all sounds should be worked out before you start working hard on speed reading.
Dyslexia is a serious but correctable disorder. The child’s reading skills are lost, but the overall learning ability is maintained. In this case it is best to contact a qualified specialist – a speech therapist and a speech therapist.

Useful tips for parents
How do you teach your child in 1st grade to read fluently? The solution to this problem depends on what is the main reason for low reading speed.

Is gre hard, but is necessary

If after the first test of your child’s reading technique at school it turns out that your child is not fluent enough, be patient and perseverant. And before you go into specific reading exercises to improve your child’s reading speed, take a few tips, is gre hard, but is necessary:

Note to parents: How to teach a child in 1st grade to read

Council #1. Lessons should be regular. You will not get a good result if you spend time reading with your child only occasionally. Do not stop studying on holiday, even when the school year is over.
Tip #2. It is important to be in the right mood. How can you teach your child to love reading if the parents themselves neglect this activity? Think of reading as something very exciting, then your child will be happy to study.
Tip number three. Try to pick up literature with colorful pictures and large letters.
Tip number four. Classes can be held not only at home. Take the book with you to the polyclinic, to visit. In summer, go out to read in the park – get a double benefit.
Tip #5. Be sure to consider the nature of the child. It’s much harder to interest a fidget in a book. He’ll be more distracted, but he shouldn’t scold the child for it. Take longer breaks between classes, and also show imagination. You can also teach your child to read in a playful way.
Tip #6: Before you start a class, think about it carefully, study the material. Offer your child only those books whose contents you have sufficiently studied. If needed 1st grade work sheets.
Tip #7. Pay attention not only to the speed of reading, but also to whether the child understands the text. Ask her/him to explain the material she/he has read, encourage her/him to think about it.
Tip #8: To teach your child to read enthusiastically, with interest, approach the learning process creatively: play out scenes from the works, draw your favorite characters, think of different options for the finals.

By following these tips, you can easily get your child used to the book and improve their reading technique.